15 Sex Facts For All Your Horny Freaks

The largest erect human penis ever recorded is 13.5 inches long.

It belongs to New Yorker Jonah Cardeli Falcon, a bisexual American actor and talk-show host. His willy is 9.5 in (24.13 cm) flaccid, 13.5 in (34.29 cm) erect. But the huge penis is not a blessing - it rather condemns him to loneliness. He lives with his mom and his whale penis, without a girlfriend for 12 years.

'When I meet people they find it hard to look me in the eye, they just see what's in my trousers. It's become a real problem. When I was younger I went out in tight pants and would sleep with a different person every night, but I became burned out and disillusioned. My last relationship ended in 1996. Now I just want to find a steady girlfriend who doesn't think I'm a freak show'.